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About Us

Welcome to Radhika’s, served with love, not forks.

Incepted in 2009 by Mrs. Radhika Chedella, Radhika’s was born out of an entrepreneur’s spirit and a housewife’s passion for cooking. With four branches currently across Ahmedabad, Radhika’s intends to bring South India to its Ahmedavadi patrons in the face of authentic South Indian cuisines, served traditionally on banana leaves.

Our diverse menu brings a multi-sensory dining experience to your table, where every culinary creation has its own story that your tastebuds would love to read. From batter to handpicked spices, from traditional idlis and dosas to those with a twist, each ingredient and each meal is prepared by the skillful hands of those who also inspire the food we serve.

Radhika invites you on a tour around South India, one banana leaf at a time, where comforting and tasty Carnatic meals await you.

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